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Air Duct Cleaning

Most people spend a good deal of their time indoors. The air you breathe has a major effect on you and your family's health. Over time and with normal use, air ducts accumulate many contaminants such as dust, dust mites, dirt, pet dander (if you have pets), hair, fungi, bacteria, chemical residues, and construction debris - such as drywall dust or wood particle dust - if you remodel.
You should consider having ducts cleaned if you see ducts that are infected with insects, vermin or rodents, mold growing on the sheet metal of your duct or other components of your heating or cooling system, or if you have excessive dust in your house floating around, or perhaps family members are experiencing unexplained symptoms or illnesses that you think might be related to allergies, respiratory ailments or asthma.

We also offer full complete heating, cooling and plumbing services!

Air Duct Cleaning Specialties:
Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning
Brush & Vacuum Each Vent
Remove Dust, Dust Mites, Mold, Bacteria, Animal Dander & Pollen
Relieve Asthma, Respiratory Ailments & Symptoms of Allergies
Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs Through Efficiency
Reduce Dryer Vent Cleaning
Lifetime Electrostatic Air Filters Available - Anti Bacterial and Anti-Microbial

Magnified image of a Dust Mite

We Also Offer Full Complete Heating, Cooling and
Plumbing Services

Have you cleaned your dryer vents lately....or ever??

Odds are that the last time you saw the inside of your clothes dryer's exhaust was when you hooked up your dryer.

Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?
Fire Hazard - Lint build up can cause reduced airflow, which in turn causes overheating. When this happens the high temperature limit safety switch cycles on and off. Most switches weren't designed to cycle on and off continuously which can cause them to fail.
Dryer Performance - Proper airflow can decrease drying time, thus decreasing operating costs. It helps the dryer to operate efficiently, which can extend the life of the dryer. An extra bonus is the clothes will dry at lower temperatures and in less time. This prevents less wear and tear on clothing, thus extending their life.
Who Needs This Service?
Almost Everyone With A Dryer! Especially those homes with dryers located on inside walls, or those located on second floor laundry rooms. These centralized locations cause dryers to be vented greater distances, up to or over 50 feet. Resulting in lint buildup and other obstructions which can seriously affect the performance of dryers.

Most of the dryer manufacturers recommend the yearly delinting of dryer vents, for the dryer to work at it's maximum efficiency.

People living in older homes probably have a system that was for an older dryer, thus when they replace the dryer with a newer model the ducts may not be up to the new dryer's specs.
Why Use Our System?
Our technician's will inspect your system for any damaged or disconnected vents. We can also tell you if your venting system is up to your dryer manufacturer's recommended specs.
With lower utility bills, and the longer life for your dryer and clothing, it will almost pay for the service. Not to mention the piece of mind you will have in knowing that you have averted a potentially dangerous fire hazard in your home.

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