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Carpet Re-Stretching

Do you have lumps, bumps, ripples, buckling or wrinkles in your carpet? Once your carpet starts to ripple, it’ll only keep getting worse. That’s because carpet is intended to lay flat at all times; a small ripple not only puts more wear and tear on the carpet, but causes it to move when you walk across it. Not only is this problem unsightly, your carpet will get ruined over time and could be a trip hazard.

Over time and numerous washing your carpetstretches out and will need to be tightened up. With carpet restretching tools, our professionals can take care of this for you. Why not call us today to restretch or repair your carpet today! Our carpet stretching and repairs carry a lifetime guarantee!

Some Reasons why carpeting loosenes up...
1. Poor installation – If your carpet is improperly installed (due to insufficient or nonexistent stretching, or improperly securing the carpet), it may need to be re-stretched as a carpet repair.
2. Heavy traffic – If your carpet gets heavy traffic beyond normal foot travel (such as walkers or wheelchairs, tricycles, etc.), it may eventually come loose, even if it was installed perfectly.
3. Moving heavy furniture – Sliding heavy furniture across your carpet can cause its layers to ripple and leave the carpet loose and buckled.
4. Wrong pairing of carpet with padding – Different types of carpet are meant to be used with specific types of carpet padding, this way the carpet is properly secured and supported. The manufacturer’s guide or an experienced professional can help you ensure you have a proper match before your install your carpet; otherwise, you may deal with ripples later.
5. Delamination – This means the latex that keeps the carpet backing intact has deteriorating; the carpet may start to fall apart by losing fiber or rippling.
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